[review] „Alex Cross, Run“ by James Patterson (Alex Cross #18)

Patterson_Alex Cross Run

© 2013 Arrow

Title: Alex Cross, Run

Author: James Patterson

ISBN: 978-0-09958-066-9

Publisher: Arrow

Publication Date: 30.07.2013

Pages: 512

Series: Alex Cross series #18

Detective Alex Cross is back. He is hunting three killers and in charge of all three investigations, putting him under more pressure than ever when a crisis at home strikes. Can Alex solve the cases and divert the disaster that is threatening to tear his family apart?

Alex Cross, Run is book #18 in the popular and successful Alex Cross series by James Patterson. (FYI: There are two more Alex Cross books that are not part of the main series.) I have been following the series for more than a decade, since I was a psychology undergrad at university. It is still as fast-paced, thrilling and full of suspense as in the early days. A page-turner if ever there was one.

I am a big fan of Patterson’s trademark short chapters. It’s great for dipping in and out of the book while getting on with everyday life. At the same time, one never puts the book down for long. Until one’s actually finished reading that is.

I am already looking forward to the next instalment and sincerely hope James Patterson won’t get tired of writing Alex Cross novels any time soon. I am not ready to part ways with my favourite book character yet.

My rating:

4 Palmen


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