[review] “Unglued” by Lysa TerKeurst

© 2012 Zondervan

© 2012 Zondervan

Title: Unglued – Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

Author: Lysa TerKeurst

ISBN: 978-0-31033-279-4

Publisher: Zondervan

Publication Date: 07.08.2012

Pages: 208


Most if not all women know what it’s like when our emotions get the better of us. While we may succeed in holding it together in public, at home, the smallest, most trivial things might set us off and spark an outburst at our loved ones. Becoming unglued is experienced by all women at some point. So as not to wallow in guilt and fall back into old patterns, Lysa TerKeurst offers her readers ways in which to chose more wisely and make what she calls imperfect progress. Unglued equips women with step-by-step spiritual strategies to help them manage their reactions and make those wise choices in the midst of raw emotions.

Lysa TerKeurst candidly tells of her own unglued moments and imperfect progress, making Unglued so very accessible. I could definitely relate to her experiences. She identifies four categories of unglued reactions. Depending on the situation and people involved, she falls into all four categories. Surprisingly – or perhaps not – I do too. A short assessment to determine one’s own reaction type is provided in an appendix, which is very helpful. TerKeurst offers practical advice for her readers to implement, providing such strategies as a predetermined biblical procedure manual. Unglued is not just a book that will touch your heart, it will equip you to make wise choices and imperfect progress.

This concept of imperfect progress really resonates with me. It takes the pressure off, thus allowing progress to be made, however imperfect it is. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever experienced unglued feelings. If you are a woman reading this, chances are you have. So get yourself a copy of Unglued today.

My rating:

5 Palmen

Disclosure of Material Connection:

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers programme. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Please note this review has been published previously on my main blog.

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