[review] „The Last Letter from Your Lover“ by Jojo Moyes

The Last Letter from Your Lover

© 2011 Hodder Paperbacks

Title: The Last Letter from Your Lover

Author: Jojo Moyes

ISBN: 978-0-34096-164-3

Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks

Publication Date: 03.02.2011

Pages: 512

While searching for a story, journalist Ellie finds a love letter from 1960 in her newspaper’s archive. The letter was written by a man asking his lover to leave her husband. Ellie is intrigued and tries to find out more about the letter’s author and recipient. In 1960, Jennifer wakes up in hospital with no memory of her husband, her friends, who she is or even the car accident that brought her to the hospital. After she returns home she finds a hidden love letter and slowly begins to remember the man who wrote her this letter. Ellie’s and Jennifer’s stories of love and loss are intertwined and each chapter ends with a real ‘last letter’.

The Last Letter from Your Letter had me hooked pretty much from the start. While it took a while to warm towards Ellie, Jennifer intrigued me straightaway. There were quite a few unexpected twists throughout the story, which kept up the tension and made me not want to put the book down. It’s not a fast-paced book by any means, but the slower build-up suits the story.

Jojo Moyes paints a vivid picture of London in the sixties. I could picture the setting ever so well. The language of the love letters is simply beautiful. I liked this book a lot. I have to admit that part of me didn’t want to like it as much as I did though because I didn’t want to root for the wife to leave her husband. However, Jojo Moyes did a good job conveying the moral side of the affairs and didn’t shy away from showing the often devastating repercussions infidelity can have.

All in all, this is a beautiful love story, tragic at times and not with your typical happy ending but definitely a really good read. It’s emotional so keep the tissues handy just in case!

If there were such a thing as half a palm tree, I would rate this book with 4.5 palm trees.

My rating:

4 Palmen

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