[review] “Angels Walking” by Karen Kingsbury (Angels Walking #1)

© 2014 Howard Books

© 2014 Howard Books

Title: Angels Walking

Author: Karen Kingsbury

ISBN: 978-1-45168-747-7

Publisher: Howard Books

Publication Date: 02.09.2014

Pages: 384

Series: Angels Walking #1


Angels Walking, due to be published on 2 September 2014, is the first book in bestselling author Karen Kingsbury’s new series about second chances.

National baseball star Tyler Ames alienated everyone he loved on his way to the big leagues, including Sami Dawson, the only girl he’s ever loved. Tyler hits rock bottom after suffering a career-ending injury and with no one to turn to, he ends up sleeping in his car. A number of small miracles leads him to a local retirement home, where he is offered a maintenance job and befriends 90-year-old Alzheimer’s sufferer Virginia Hutcheson. This unlikely friendship helps bring healing to both of them. Meanwhile, across the country, Sami starts questioning her relationship and often finds herself thinking of Tyler…

With a lot at stake, an Angels Walking team is assigned to restore hope for Tyler, Sami and Virginia. Will their mission succeed?

This was my second Karen Kingsbury book and I recognized some recurring themes in her writing, such as love, loss, hope, redemption and second chances. These are universal themes that most, if not all, readers can and will identify with. Her emotional writing style really tugs at the heartstrings and once again, I kept welling up while reading – although not nearly as much as I did while reading The Chance.

In my review of The Chance I mentioned the somewhat annoying occurrence of a few rather convenient happenings. While the story in Angels Walking took a few such turns as well, they were attributed to the team of angels, thus making them less convenient and more deliberate, which I much preferred.

I’m not usually a fan of the supernatural in books and definitely not of the dark side of the supernatural such as vampires and zombies. But I guess there’s a huge following and such themes do appeal to a lot of readers out there. I think it is thus important and good to have the option to read books about the light side of the supernatural, in this case angels.

I really enjoyed Angels Walking and liked all the main characters. The prologue hints at the second book of the series, which I cannot wait to read. It’s due to be published in March 2015 as Chasing Sunsets and I am particularly pleased that some of the characters from Angels Walking will make a return. Books 3 and 4 in the series will follow as A Brush of Wings and Always and Forever in March 2016 and March 2017 respectively. Oh boy, that’s going to be one long wait…


My rating:

4 Palmen


Disclosure of Material Connection:

I received this book for free from Howard Books via NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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